Book Seeds: Butternut Hollow Pond (Ponds Collection, issue 2)

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Welcome to Book Seeds By Blossom & Root!

Butternut Hollow Pond is our second seasonal issue with our newly updated format, and the second issue of our Pond Collection. This 8-issue series will roll out between spring 2019 and summer 2020, one issue at a time. 

Our updated format will be applied to this issue, and all future issues, of our seasonal Book Seeds. Old seasonal issues will not be updated. Each issue includes:

- 4 S.T.E.A.M. activities exploring nature-inspired concepts in science, technology, engineering, art, and math

- 3 art projects

- 1 kitchen classroom activity

- 2 nature study prompts

- 3 invitations to play (open-ended activities to inspire discovery and creative engagement)

- 1 nature journal prompt or tutorial

- 1 word-inspired prompt and 1 copywork selection

- Suggested books, video links, and resources to dig deeper into the topic

About Our Ponds Collection

Our Ponds Collection will include the following issues:

- Over and Under the Pond (topic: pond anatomy)

- Butternut Hollow Pond (topic: pond food webs)

- Make Way for Ducklings (topic: ducks)

- Beaver at Long Pond (topic: beavers)

- Are You a Dragonfly? (topic: dragonflies)

- Frogs (topic: frogs)

- Box Turtle at Long Pond (topic: turtles)

- A Water Snake's Year* (topic: water snakes)

You are welcome to use additional or alternative books to enhance your Book Seed learning. If you have trouble finding one of the above titles at your local library, feel free to use a different book on the same topic. Alternative and additional resources are suggested at the end of each issue.

*This excellent living book is a bit on the longer side, and better for older learners (over 5.) We suggest finding a different snake book to use for younger learners, or breaking this book into several short reading sessions.

Important Note: A Ponds Collection Bundle will be created once all 8 issues are available. 

About Our Seasonal Book Seeds Series

Using inspiration from beautiful and captivating children's literature selections, you and your child will investigate nature-based S.T.E.A.M. concepts, complete nature journaling activities, prepare delicious recipes, and celebrate the magic of words.

Book Seeds By Blossom & Root can be used as a stand-alone curriculum for the young child (ages 2 to 5), as a curriculum base when combined with the math and phonics programs of your choice for the early elementary learner (ages 6 to 8), or as a fun add-on to your existing curriculum. It can be used with one child, with children of multiple ages, in ECE and elementary classrooms, or for non-homeschooling families who simply want to enjoy books, S.T.E.A.M. activities, and nature study together. (Co-ops and classrooms, please email me regarding terms first: They also make a great compliment for families using Blossom and Root Early Years, Kindergarten, or Elementary curricula.

To use Book Seeds By Blossom & Root, simply read the book selection (for this issue: Butternut Hollow Pond by Brian Heinz) as many times as you like, and complete the activities in the order and schedule that works best for your family. Most families complete the activities in a single issue of Book Seeds over a two-week period, but this can take as much or as little time as you like.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Is this a secular resource?

Yes! Our program is 100% completely secular. However, it can also be easily incorporated into a Christian homeschool by adding your own bible study. However, you may wish to screen the content prior to using it, as our Book Seeds issues reflect a secular point of view when it comes to science.

2) Will this product be mailed to me?

No. Our product is a digital download and will be delivered to you as soon as your payment is processed. You can send it to a local print shop to be printed and bound, or keep it on a tablet or computer for reference. (We recommend always keeping a copy on your computer or tablet, as there are links to videos in most of the issues.)

3) Can I print out multiple copies?

Your purchase is for your family alone. Feel free to make as many copies as you like for your own family. If you would like to use activities from Book Seeds by Blossom & Root for a co-op, please contact Kristina at for permission first. Book Seeds by Blossom and Root may not be resold (at curriculum fairs, online, or anywhere else.)

4) How long will it take to do this curriculum each day?

You may go at whatever pace suits your needs. A single Book Seeds issue takes most families about two weeks to complete, spending around 30 minutes per day on an activity.

5) Are there any worksheets or workbooks included? Do Book Seeds come with the book they are inspired by?

Some issues include an occasional worksheet to track discoveries. You will need to purchase or borrow the book (for this issue, Butternut Hollow Pond by Brian Heinz) before beginning, as it is not included in this purchase. You are also welcome to use an alternative book on the same topic. This purchase is ONLY for a single issue of a Book Seed magazine full of activities inspired by a children's book.

6) Are there any exchanges or refunds?

No. All sales are final. Due to the digital nature of our product, there are no exchanges or refunds. Please consider carefully if this is a good fit for your child prior to purchase.

7) Can I get a sample first?

Absolutely! If you would like a free sample, please go to and you can download an entire issue, free of charge.

Please note: This purchase is for a single issue of our Book Seeds magazine. Please see our store for seasonal bundles (currently available: 2018 spring bundle.) If you would like to purchase a Book Seed seasonal bundle, please go to our main store at and scroll down past our main curriculum resources to find Book Seeds issues and bundles.

This is a digital download. You will not be mailed any physical products, and we do not offer printed / bound curriculum at this time. Your downloads will come from Gumroad, not Blossom and Root, so please check your junk mail if you do not see them in your inbox. We highly recommend Hard Copy HQ for your printing needs:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! You may email us at or

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Book Seeds: Butternut Hollow Pond (Ponds Collection, issue 2)

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