Blossom & Root Kindergarten: Reading & Language Arts ONLY

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Blossom & Root Kindergarten: Reading & Language Arts ONLY

Blossom and Root
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Important: This is a PDF download. No physical product will be mailed to you.

***Please note that this product contains ONLY the reading and language arts portion of our kindergarten curriculum. To purchase the full curriculum, go to https://gum.co/NLWYU.***

Announcement: The Second Edition of Level 0 (kindergarten) has been released! You will currently receive both the first and second edition files in your Gumroad library upon purchase.  You can see the LA book list for the updated edition on our website at https://blossomandroot.com/kindergarten-curriculum/

You do not need to print any of the first edition materials unless you would prefer them over the new second edition. 

Blossom & Root Kindergarten: Give Your Child a Beautiful Beginning!

Are you struggling to find a secular Kindergarten curriculum for your child?

Do you dream of providing a hands-on program for your young learner but aren't sure where to start?

Do you wish you could find a comprehensive open-and-go Kindergarten curriculum full of nature, the arts, and beautiful children's literature, in addition to a gentle introduction to key academic foundations?

Do most of the available programs make you cringe with the thought of extensive weekly preparation or hours of screen time, with no hands-on or play-based learning?

Do you long to provide your child with an experience that is joy-filled, low-pressure, and full of delight?

We know. You want your child to fall in love with learning, right from the start. You want to nurture their hearts, as well as their minds. You want their days to be full of discovery and beauty, not repetitive drills and random workbook pages.

Well, you've come to the right place!

Blossom & Root Kindergarten was designed to provide parents with a Kindergarten curriculum that focuses on the development of the whole child. Our comprehensive "Reading and Language Arts" program includes:

- A living-books inspired language arts program, including gentle handwriting practice, letter sounds, word building, sight word activities, journaling, and narration. Includes 148-page child workbook (arrives in two separate pdf files.)

Book List for the Language Arts and Reading Program are Not Included in Your Purchase):

You can see the LA book list for the updated edition on our website at https://blossomandroot.com/kindergarten-curriculum/

Included in Your Purchase:

- Complete parent curriculum guide and student notebook (includes detailed lessons, book and supply lists, budget-friendly tips for curriculum implementation, and more.)

** To purchase the FULL kindergarten curriculum, please go to https://gum.co/NLWYU. This product contains ONLY the reading and language arts portion of our program.**

** If you also have a preschool or pre-K child, check out our kindergarten / early years bundles in our store to save $10 to $15!**

We carefully designed our curriculum to work for the parent on a budget, and provide suggestions for acquiring all of the needed books, music, art, and supplies at minimal cost. You won't find a $500.00 minimal investment requirement here! Most of our activities use what you already have around your home!

We also designed our curriculum with the busy parent in mind. Whether you're a working parent, or a homeschooling mom of five kids in different learning stages, you can give your kindergartener an exceptional start with Blossom & Root Kindergarten. Reading and language arts for most days requires approximately 30 to 45 mins (max) of focused time together.

Who is Blossom & Root Kindergarten for?

- Parents who need a secular kindergarten curriculum for their child

- Parents who want their child's first years of learning to be filled with exposure to the arts, nature, and quality children's literature

- Parents who need a curriculum that gently introduces early academic foundations in a developmentally-appropriate way, and moves at their child's own unique pace

- Busy parents who need an open-and-go program with minimal prep time each week (half an hour or less!)

- Parents on a budget that cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a boxed curriculum package

- Parents who want their child's kindergarten experience to be beautiful, rich, and full of delight

- Parents with hands-on learners

Who is it NOT for?

- Parents who need a curriculum that includes Bible study or a religious perspective

- Parents who want a curriculum that their child can do completely independently (Our curriculum requires about two hours a day, 4 to 5 days a week, of focused time together.)

- Parents who prefer workbooks to hands-on activities. Our kindergarten curriculum does include four notebooks / workbooks, but they are not what you will find at the local school supply store. They were designed for open-ended exploration of subject matter, imaginative responses, and developmentally-appropriate reflection. You will not find endless pages of handwriting or math drills here. (Our package includes My Nature Notebook, My Language Arts Notebook, Captain's Log, and My History & Geography Notebook, all of which integrate with the parent guides.)

- Parents who want an online school experience for their child

- Parents who need a rigorous academic program for their kindergarten child

- Parents who need every supply, book, and material for their year included in their purchase (Our curriculum is designed to use a few basic art supplies, typical household items, and many books that can be found at a library or on amazon.com. Our curriculum does include the notebooks your child will use in conjunction with the parent guides. We recommend you print and bind them before beginning.)

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How much time is required every week to complete this curriculum?

Most of our lessons can be divided up into about two hours of focused time together, five days a week. The reading and language arts portion of our program requires 30 to 45 min of focused time together, 4 to 5 days per week.  We want your child to have LOTS of time for free play and outside time, and believe they can have a rich learning experience without spending their entire day buried in worksheets.

2) How much preparation time will it require?

A typical week in our (full kindergarten) curriculum will require around half an hour (or less) to prepare for. We suggest looking at the book and supply lists in the parent guide as soon as possible, and collecting your materials before the school year begins. Books can be ordered online, found in used book stores, or borrowed from the library. Be sure to print and bind the student notebooks before beginning. You can also simply put them into a three-ring binder.

3) Does my child need to know their letters and numbers before we start?

We recommend your child be familiar with all of their letters and numbers up to 20 before beginning Blossom & Root Kindergarten. We will spend the first half of the year working on letter sounds, and combining them to make words during word-building play activities. If your child needs a little more letter or number review, we recommend starting with Blossom & Root Early Years Vol. 2 instead.

4) Can I read a sample first?

Yes you can! Visit http://www.blossomandroot.com to download a free sample of ANY of our curriculum programs. Just click on "Kindergarten Curriculum" or "Early Years Curriculum" in the menu bar.

5) Can I add a more structured math program to this curriculum if I wish?

We strongly believe that you know your child better than ANYONE else. If you want a more traditional math program, you will find it easy to simply incorporate the math curriculum of your choice in addition to our kindergarten program.

6) Can non-secular families use Blossom & Root Early Years?

Of course! You are free to add a favorite Bible study to our curriculum to make it work for your family. Blossom & Root was designed to make an early education that is rich in nature, the arts, and quality literature, accessible to ALL families.

7) Are there any refunds, returns, or exchanges?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide ANY refunds, returns, or exchanges. Due to the nature of a digital download, these options are NOT available. Please be certain of your decision before you purchase this curriculum. If you would like, you can visit http://www.blossomandroot.com for a FREE sample download to try before you buy. If you have any technical difficulties downloading your curriculum, please contact us immediately and we will help you.

8) How many weeks of lesson plans are there in this curriculum?

We provide 36 full weeks of lesson plans.

9) Where can I learn more about Blossom & Root?

You can visit us at http://www.blossomandroot.com or at any of our social media channels (Instagram and Facebook are the most frequently updated.) @blossomandroot

10) Who created this curriculum?

Kristina Garner, the voice of Blossom & Root, wrote the Early Years and Kindergarten curricula for parents looking for an early education for their child with an emphasis on nature, the arts, quality literature, and a hands-on approach to learning. She has a B.A. in theatre from the University of Colorado at Denver, is ECE teacher and director certified, and spent over 15 years working with children ages 2 1/2 to 13 in a variety of educational and outreach settings. She now homeschools her two young daughters and dedicates her time and energy to developing high-quality educational materials for homeschooling parents. Her passion for the arts and nature in education drives her to create the best possible curriculum and materials for early home education at an affordable price for homeschooling families.

This is a digital download. You will not be mailed any physical products, and we do not offer printed / bound curriculum at this time. Your downloads will come from Gumroad, not Blossom and Root, so please check your junk mail if you do not see them in your inbox. We highly recommend Hard Copy HQ for your printing needs: https://www.hardcopyhq.com/.

Please note: This program includes several downloads. If you do not receive all of your files, email me right away at kristina@blossomandroot.com and I will assist you. 

I want this!

PDF downloads: Parent guide (first and second edition), student notebook (second edition, and first edition divided into two PDF files), "start here" guide (first edition only), cursive copywork pages (second edition only)


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